Saturday, October 1, 2011

Outsider Inured

I am an inhuman parasite
I want your existence out of sight
I exist to corrupt this world
I exist to paint these evil murals
I exist to feed off of your feeble morals
They are outdated and expired
They are ill-fated and undesired
I will create a reality without you
I will use your own morality against you
The problem with empathy
Is that it leaves people like me empty
It forces me into a state of captivity
The only solution is the polar of passivity
Come prepared when my teeth are bared
For this lust, this urge, grants me the power to devour this world, purged
When there is nothing left to corrupt
When there are no more lives to disrupt
Only then will my true form erupt
My dormant self will have eternal time
To once again, become the true divine


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