Saturday, June 30, 2012

Walls of reality dissipate quickly
To the fires of dispassion
Burning away at your psyche
Until your tranquil home
Becomes a tormenting hell
For what sins have I committed
To be condemned to this fate?
Save your breath, ingrate
God is a Devil

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another restless night
I continue to toss and turn
Trying to shake the recurrent thoughts
About the world I wish would burn
I just want to escape my plights

All the times I've started at
The bottom of an empty glass
Sometimes I wish I would just pass
Into the sea of apathy and be unborn
Leaving me of this scorching scorn
My mother offers unconditional love
But it's futile because I cannot feel it
No matter how hard I try
The only solution seems to be to die
Is it really worth it to just survive?
I don't even know if that constitutes as being alive
This is all speculation and self deprecation
If I was certain I would not be hesitant, it would be done
After all I have the means to end my life with a gun
Perhaps I am looking for a new view of myself, the son
A gleaming light of hope to cast away the darkness I have created
Perhaps I will not find my salvation, but for now this death is belated