Sunday, October 30, 2011

Oh death, you are so intellectually tempting while shrinking
Lest I mar this life with fatal thinking
Or decompose my organs with frivolous drinking
It seems like a chore to stay alive
Teems with boredom and lies
Perhaps there is more to be had, in life
As fared, no score for a young lad, without strife
To be dealt a good hand, is no more to say
Having felt love, only to have it torn away
Why does a wanderer tread to stay
In an endless sea of forsaken grey?
A constant struggle with this question
Every day

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Absolutism is dissolute, morose and minute
Capitalism constitutes slavery, in a verbose collude
Risen, the few savory, dream to depose the crude
A vision, delude, for wavering are the brood
While dissidence is renewed, rival dissonance strength proved
The dissidents, obtuse, feel defiled, so roam great lengths, defused

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free me
From these organic chains

Let me wander
Without constrains

Celestially maunder
On conscious plains

Free me
From this suit of disdain

To dolefully dance
With the acidic rain

Rain until my resolve
Dissolves and I abstain

Abstain from the valley of solace
Solace void with chains

Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dotingly embraced by time
Floating on pace with cloud nine
Soaring to heights that go unclimbed
Adoring sights that glow, sublime

Fury and misery combined
An illusory equilibrium, benign
Fated to face serenity, defined
Abated the race to infinity, declined
Belated affinity between body and mind
An existence purely posed, refined

Designed merely
Shined dreams, dearly
Bound, from weary
Sound, from dreary
Found bound, clearly
The renowned profound, teary

Old kind
Hold me divine
Wholly intertwined
Fully mine

A scene so pristine
Relatively obscene
A tentative being
Confronting and fleeing
Presenting and feeling
Dissenting and kneeling
Rational and insane
Sensational and inane

Careens from plain
To the altered plane
A faltered train
Of faulty thought
Inspired the feign brain
Conspired in vain
To be sought
By a fraught
Absolutist plot
Destined, not

Omega by alpha pulled
Emerging impalpable
Beginning from end
Thinning the bland rend
Forgetting, faking the pretend
For this serene friend
Reality does bend

On drastic-plastic-elastic mends
A fantastic phantasm depends

Friday, October 14, 2011

The essential rule


You must love yourself

Not berate

To feel love

Towards an immaculate



So how to compensate

For self hate

Of which

You can neither escape

Nor abate

Perhaps just

Miserable fate

For now


A dream to create

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A whole world defiled
A whole race in denial
Imploring to be worthwhile
Humanity is putrid, vile
My throat burned by bile
Their existence I abhor
Hatred floods out of every pore
Desensitised to the decynicised
The naive flies are to be despised

Friday, October 7, 2011

I live my life as if I were a cloud
Floating from place to place observing the crowd
But in this society being aloof is not allowed
This reality just feels too much like a dream
The world is too much for me
I have to escape this existence
Avoid interactions with the cretins
Even so, I feel like this is just pittance
To death I offer no resistance
If only you people would listen
We wouldn't have such a menace

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Opacity of the night
Perturbed, unfurls
To a seldom sight
The darkening curls
Around the disturbed soul
Who cries out in whole
Why do I exist?
Awaits an ail
To lift the fatal veil
Echoes in the mist
To no avail
Lost in the abyss

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Freedom: The power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint.
A noble concept
Wars for freedom, freedom of career choice, talk-shows on freedom.
But is that true freedom? Or is it illusory? Could it even be the anti-thesis?
True freedom is living in the present, with no restrictions controlling your future, and without the future controlling your present.
Who could give up their home, savings, job, family, friends in order to pursue a free life?

You may have seen an Outsider in your lifetime. The Outsiders, they go from place to place, town to town. They float around with no attachments or restrictions.

"Can someone like that truly be happy? They have no futures! No career! No hope!?"

But maybe there exists a type of person who doesn't need a future, a traditional career, or even hope. What is to hope for anyways , the future? Outsiders live for the present, they have no use of a future. The freedom of being able to do whatever you wish at any time, whether that be to work on a ship, travel the country, write a book, or just relax in a quiet town, at a moments notice. To Outsiders, this freedom in the present is more important than having a "secure" future. If you aren't enjoying your current lifestyle but you convince yourself that it's for the future, that's quite naive, unless of course you can guarantee the future will be fulfilling. But you are never actually in the future, you are always in the now. You're now right now, and you're now 10,20,30, years from now. The future is always then, never now. The future is always a goal, but when you reach that goal, many feel empty and need to find a new goal to work towards. A constant struggle to trick yourself into existing.

Some may actually find this lifestyle bearable but don't be so ignorant to assume that this is the only lifestyle possible. Don't claim that Outsiders must have a problem of some sorts if they wish for something different. This brief introduction leads into a major problem that many face in this world. A world made of money, money spins the world around, again and again. Some people hate this system, but cannot escape it. Capitalism's effects are far reaching, so far in fact that you can't ever escape them. You can try to live completely isolated, but it's futile, impossible.

Ted Kaczynski was a prodigal student, everything was going perfect for him as some would interpret! He graduated high school early, had a great offer to study at Harvard when he was merely 16. He published great works and was the top of his class. He even got a job as a professor right out of university! Everything was perfect, a seamless life! He could do this for the next FORTY YEARS until retirement.

The problem with working this long is that many who live this way are too tired to do anything else with their life afterward. They burn out, or are too old and sickly to do what they truly wanted after they retire. They squandered their entire lives working at a job, that they may or may not enjoy. They spent their entire lives working for what? Money? They won't ever have enough, you see it in the extremely rich all the time. They keep purchasing ridiculously expensive cars,houses,jewelry,drugs and even spouses. They keep trying to fill their emptiness with money, but it will never fill the hole inside them no matter how much they purchase. Absurd.

Ted realized some time into his teaching "career" that this lifestyle was not for him, he was an Outsider, he desired freedom and isolation, true freedom.True freedom can never be however, as he would learn like so many others before him, the hard way. He moved to a secluded woods, constructing his own cabin by hand, and surviving self-sufficiently with knowledge he gained from various survival books. He spent his days relaxing, reading and traveling to a tranquil waterfall, a venture that took 2-3 days walking from his cabin. One day he went to this oasis and on the way back, his escape from the vain race we call humanity, his forest, was being torn apart by the expansion of "civilization". He snapped, his one escape from the world was stripped from him. His one solemn grace had been defiled by the people he wanted so much to get away from. You can never escape capitalism. He was trapped in their world, cornered. He vowed to get back at them, at the parasites who ruined his only hope, and went on to kill three people. This was his transition from Ted to the Una-bomber. He was a genius, he could have murdered upwards of 1000s. He merely wanted an outlet for his stress, stress caused by the flawed world he existed in.

Many fall victim to this world like Ted had, but they are ignored and forgotten. "There truly is no escape from this rat race!" is what Outsiders cry out. Perhaps in 10000 years the human race will actually become something worthy of mention, but for the meantime it seems we are not too differentiable from our not-so-distant relatives, the monkeys. We merely have technology, that is the only thing that differs us truly from animals. Is our existence really that different? We kill, rape, steal, does that sound civilized? You can argue that this is an extreme generalization, but you cannot argue against the fact that when people or animals, when pushed into a corner, are capable of anything. When an individual is threatened, there is the fight or flight response. In this world you cannot flee capitalism and are forced to fight. Many Outsiders simply lash out at the world indiscriminately, as capitalism is not a material form, only a formation from materialism. There is no choice for the Outsiders when pushed into the corner of existence.

We need to avoid pushing people into the corners of civilization, avoid turning a blind eye to those who abstain from the vain. Hoping the issue simply disappears just causes the situation to deteriorate, we're still here whether you can accept it or not. Humanity needs to address those who wish to transcend our absurd lifestyles. The coming years will only get worse, as capitalism forces the disparity to grow between the rich and the poor.

It is an absolute truth that in a capitalistic society, there will always be the rich exploiting the poor. No exceptions. Lenin noticed this and attempted to rectify the world by creating a state where equality would be prevalent, he died before his goal could be completed and due to many hardships imposed by both the capitalist nations in power and nature itself his system was never realized. Lenin wanted all of the workers in the world to unite and overthrow their capitalist dictators. He wanted to free the third world from the first worlds deathly grip, he wanted the workers in the first world, who are only slightly better off than the third world compared to their capitalist overlords, to also come to arms against capitalism. Corporate America was the leading force in the propaganda to prevent this revolution, they demonized communism and even held an appalling series of events extremely similar to the Salem witch hunt. They slander every wrong move the communist party makes while downplaying their own systems sickening evils like the Bhopal disaster, daily starvation caused by disparity, and the countless foreign governments toppled by the imperialist west. The capitalists in power wanted to prevent at all costs, a revolution that would debunk their precious pyramid scheme.

There are many issues with humanity, the main current one is money, especially the divination of money. We are by-products of this obsession with materialism. Many worship money as they would a god. In fact, the people who advocate the existence of god, worship money. It is no coincidence that the Vatican City is so wealthy. In a world where such madness exists, what options does an Outsider, who does not perceive money as a suitable life goal, have? The answer is nothing! Money is ubiquitous, we cannot fight it alone, we cannot even ignore it, since everywhere you run to leads you to a different brand of capitalism or the fallout of capitalism.

It all comes down to money and power. Every single problem with humanity comes down to this. So, how can we eliminate these things? It's simple and yet excruciatingly difficult, due to inherent human stupidity. We must abolish capitalism in its entirety as a first step. There will never be a perfect economic system until we achieve post-scarcity, no system is a perfect replacement. This does not mean we must continue propagating a system that is inherently evil. The people that would advocate the preservation of this system of torture are the few not receiving any torture or are even performing it themselves. They will manipulate, bribe, and even kill to preserve their seat in power. Most were merely born into power and money, into the direct filth of corruption straight from their mother's womb, they did not corrupt the world themselves. This is not their failure, this is the failure of humanity and the system in which we live. The only reason capitalism exists to this day can be related to the Allegory of the Cave phenomenon. This is all people know, they only know capitalism, they know nothing else, anything new is frightening to them. Capitalism does not need "reform", it does not need a "reset", it needs total annihilation. The system itself demands it, ethics demand it, and the people demand it, or they would if they could escape their insignificant daily lives for a single moment. The constant bombardment of entertainment and false information sees to it that this does not happen.

"What will help?" Peaceful protest, violent protest, but ultimately, we need to spread knowledge, specifically knowledge of this new type of existence. We need to end ignorance. Ignorance is a cancer, slowly eating away at our world. This is the inherent flaw of humanity. Cognitive dissonance makes sure of this. It takes an extremely strong individual to come to terms with the realization that humanity's entire existence is one without a purpose or direction. Few individuals can accept this, the ones who cannot are forced to simply/complexly dismiss it. You can't blame the weak for being weak, we as the strong didn't work for our intelligence and resilience, we were simply picked out to be the intelligent by random chance, the lottery of genetics. Many can improve their worth by seeking knowledge. So, how do we get the weak to believe this harsh reality? Dissonance only exists when it goes against their ideals, it is ideal to fit in among their peers. The solution is spreading knowledge, the ignorant will follow the enlightened as long as they are in a position of numbers and strength. So we must gather our numbers and become a majority, everyone else will follow suit in our revolution, whether or not they can comprehend our motives. The irony of this is that to transcend our stupidity, we must exploit it. The world is truly madness at its core.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Outsider Inured

I am an inhuman parasite
I want your existence out of sight
I exist to corrupt this world
I exist to paint these evil murals
I exist to feed off of your feeble morals
They are outdated and expired
They are ill-fated and undesired
I will create a reality without you
I will use your own morality against you
The problem with empathy
Is that it leaves people like me empty
It forces me into a state of captivity
The only solution is the polar of passivity
Come prepared when my teeth are bared
For this lust, this urge, grants me the power to devour this world, purged
When there is nothing left to corrupt
When there are no more lives to disrupt
Only then will my true form erupt
My dormant self will have eternal time
To once again, become the true divine

Prodigy sheen
Amphetamine fiend
Pristine dreams
Clean screams
Teen scenes
Obscene means
Fleeing beings
Decree of the keen
Predatory careens
Perfect preen
Only when truly alone
Will I be free to roam
Only then will my true self
Be free to be shown
No need to atone
For a sin I didn't hone
Until I am alone
Until there exist no others
Will I ever shed these covers

The temporary states of alone at my transient home
Allow the weight of the world to fall off my bones
I cannot fathom the amount of release I would feel
If true solitude would become real, eternal peace
I cannot escape the effects of humanity
I am certain that my state is insanity
But only because my reality
Does not match their vanity
Whenever their disgusting existence comes to mind
I wish to banish in entirety, their kind

It's empowering to be alone

It's devouring to be alone