Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Worrying about life
Seems like such a bore
Who cares if they avoid light
I am not tasked with that chore
Time is a fickle thing
Always ticking and ticking
A valuable commodity
If it exists at all
Pointless philosophical debate
Never seems to dissipate
Let others find their own light
As I found mine
Perhaps a shadow is not a shadow
Instead it is the son of the night
Who is to say which has more might
Maybe this realization does not occur
For all the fright it may incur
A subjective world
A beautiful mural
Independent thought
A forever changing plot
A beautiful randomness
A gentle touch
Nothing amiss
Life is such
Never thought it would come to this
Never thought I would be one to miss
Perhaps I am human after all
Not just an impervious wall
I am unsure of what to pursue
The world feels so construed
After seeing the truth
The world seems so aloof
I halfheartedly believe
I am without reprieve
Strong urge to leave
Was never one to reconcile
Forced to face my trial

Monday, July 11, 2011


My psyche an addict
A mind of tragic
Unnameable emotion
Lack of commotion
The searing cold burns
An unfortunate turn
Leaving me outside
A dangerous ride
I must confide