Sunday, October 16, 2011


Dotingly embraced by time
Floating on pace with cloud nine
Soaring to heights that go unclimbed
Adoring sights that glow, sublime

Fury and misery combined
An illusory equilibrium, benign
Fated to face serenity, defined
Abated the race to infinity, declined
Belated affinity between body and mind
An existence purely posed, refined

Designed merely
Shined dreams, dearly
Bound, from weary
Sound, from dreary
Found bound, clearly
The renowned profound, teary

Old kind
Hold me divine
Wholly intertwined
Fully mine

A scene so pristine
Relatively obscene
A tentative being
Confronting and fleeing
Presenting and feeling
Dissenting and kneeling
Rational and insane
Sensational and inane

Careens from plain
To the altered plane
A faltered train
Of faulty thought
Inspired the feign brain
Conspired in vain
To be sought
By a fraught
Absolutist plot
Destined, not

Omega by alpha pulled
Emerging impalpable
Beginning from end
Thinning the bland rend
Forgetting, faking the pretend
For this serene friend
Reality does bend

On drastic-plastic-elastic mends
A fantastic phantasm depends

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