Monday, September 12, 2011

My conscience won't respond, my only correspondent
My life seems prolonged, an existence despondent
I grip onto irrelevancies to preserve an expired meaning
I slip into futility, leaving me to a tired reality, dreaming

I long for a purpose in this world
A sphere worthless, fetal and curled
Can there exist a mutual mind for the undefined?
Obscure thought, with no sign of becoming benign

I wish to become an entity in another plane
Repeating chores for validity seems insane
Spinning the wheel of life, to admire how far you've come
Expanding your fief, despite the world being a zero sum

I implore you to save me from this world of grey
I desperately try to find a reason, but it is nearing the day
Where I no longer have the will, to impose my stay
Such an appeasing thought, I continue to fray

Time flows on, as if to convey
It doesn't matter, either way

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