Wednesday, September 7, 2011

I need it to live

The moments come one by one
The times when I become the polar of Eros
Unavoidable like the death of the Pharaohs
I force myself to slow, in order to soak up the upcoming show

It's an unshakable insatiable lust, one which renders me incapable of trust
I fear and fawn over the inevitable inability to control myself, even though I must
A hunger so severe I cannot tell how far my carnal consumption will go
A fraudulent, vacillating reality, phasing in and out, to and fro

Every time I try to become a person
My cruel condition seems to worsen
An impossible, crushing burden

I stare into my lifeless eyes
I search for the answer
To why everyone dies
But they are filled with lies
Each being an Iris I despise
Hatred linked to the inability to cry

I occasionally forget to resist death
Perhaps for the best
Yes, a world without me, one less

It ends abruptly
Although no one can disrupt me
I regain my self
Discard the marred memory to the solitary shelf
Until next time
The emaciated ending of the subhuman sublime

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