Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Reaching out to the apple of insight
With hands which tremble not because of fright
But because of the realization they will never hold
The desires to which the mind they maintain molds

The constant elusion of reality even today
The dissipation through colours of gray
Lost within a maze of never ending archives
Information not to be learned for its tendency to ruin lives

Sent into the spiral of despair
Knowing fully that nobody cares
There is only one solution
The complete dissolution

then why is it that hope still exists
and that organisms still persist
even through the realization of meaninglessness
they still move despite the disincentives

Perhaps persistence is futile
perhaps life is inherently denial
I will not realize my death
I will not ponder its depth

Logic is not the only binding agent
The sophists will deny the ancient
Justification of existence
I offer them pittance
They will never understand the intricacies
Implied through insane epiphanies

Goodbye reason, I have fell in love with your antithesis:

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