Friday, March 2, 2012

Light slinks around the corner
Leaving me with darkness

A sudden flash of passion, I give chase
A rash decision to make haste
I break into the eternal race
Acid pours from the ceiling
My eyes blind, pain searing
I sprint aimlessly while hearing
Shadows laughing shamelessly
I cast them fierce empty stares
Why don't they care
My body collides with the wall
I pick myself up after the fall
I reach the end of the corridor
I beseech the immortal door
It leeches my essence
My drive never lessens

I make exit into the night
I focus my remaining sight
There I see the light
My efforts double
The end of my trouble
Is within my grasp
My hands ready to clasp
As I extend my arm
I start drowning in harm
My surroundings invert
Life becomes death
I let out my last breath

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