Monday, January 30, 2012

Language is really interesting. It conveys feelings. Everyone has these feelings , these experiences, within their minds. But you can't share these meanings without an intermediate, and language fills the gap between meanings. Language is the ultimate connection between humanity, it connects everyone through the expressions it creates, it's a tool used and created by humanity. It might seem desirable to just access others meanings without this intermediate, but that's short-sighted, it's much more beautiful, more intricate, with language. A presenter trusts the receiver of language enough to tell their own truth, and the receiver trusts the presenter to give the truth. This entrusted truth is the basis of the expression to convey their meanings. A truth will have its own bias and is never impartial, it's a way of distributing facts with their own interpretation, and it's a core construct that exemplifies emotions and more interestingly, inter-subjectivity, something nothing but language can do.

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