Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Life is something you do day by day
Whenever you cannot go on
Just remember what I say
It's not about how far you've gone
It's about finding the warmth on the way

You need to find what gives you strength
Something that will help you achieve great length
Something that will assist you in your endeavors
A permanent support forever and ever
For whenever you feel under the weather

After all what is a life worth if it is denied warmth
I can tell you from experience it is like the city of Corinth
You can feel like you have an unshakable base
But up from under the difficulty you cannot face
Will undoubtedly arise, and take you from that place

This is why I am telling you
To forget about what they say
You need to find that warmth
Hold on to it and let none take it away
It's the only way to keep nothingness at bay
I implore you to make your life not one to be mourn'th

With love,

The forlorn

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